From the recording U-Phoria

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Music: Cecil McBee
Lyrics: Verena McBee

Vocals - Verena McBee
Soprano Sax - Christian Contreras
Violin - Gabe Dowdy-Terracciano
Piano - Billy Test
Bass - Zwelakhe Duma Bell LePere
Drums - Jon Di Fiore



Wonder why, now !
I can’t deny just how
Good it feels to be away from you,
Another day from you
And leavin’ my “Your-Style-Old-Pain”.

Glad am I now !
No longer livin’ in bondage with those
Sweetest chains I wore to please you.
But you - took your train,
Took off to find new love.

Out of your hair am I – Freshness of air I find.

I am free and I see no phobia no more.
My days of U-PHORIA startin’ here,
And you’re departin', Dear !
Just leavin’ me space to love life and
Be euphoric every day of my life.