Verena McBee

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Jazz vocalist Verena McBee's album U-PHORIA contains all music by jazz bassist and GRAMMY award winner Cecil McBee. The bassist and composer sees his new work U-PHORIA debuted in the voice of Verena McBee and her quintet with himself as conductor and director. U-PHORIAs nine tracks inhabit a wide landscape of modern tonal palettes, lyrical whimsy and anticipated delights. Verena's lyrics to these compositions give twists and turns and a real lift to one's emotions. This joy echoed by all those creating is abundant throughout the recording. Verena McBee - Vocals Gabriel Dowdy-Terracciano - Violin Christian Contreras -Sopr. & Tenor Sax Billy Test - Piano Zwelakhe Dumas Bell LePere - Bass Jon Di Fiore - Drums

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The album is a testament to the creativity of Verena, her ability to navigate the distinctly avant-garde melodies originally created by husband Cecil, which highlight her interpretative abilities is enlightened.  Her lyrics are equally of a creative ilk, and the pairing of both McBee’s results in a richly auditory experience.

                                                                  "Sound in Review" by Shannon Smith, 03/11/2019


Ms McBee is not afraid to use her voice in the most envelope pushing ways.

Her vocal tone is auditious and bold(...)Adventuruos(...)Explorative. -

Intricate rhythms - challenging intervals: McBee's performance of the Coletrane-ish melody is  



Verena McBee might be the wife of famed bassist Cecil McBee, but the vocalist is burgeoning her own career with an Avant slant.


                                                                "5-Finger-Review" by Elberton Cisnero, 12/23/2018


"Explorative". "Seductively Imbued". "Adventurous".

"Challenging (...) Melodically complex. An interesting production."

Vocalist McBee uses her voice in an upper register horn approach(...)quenches emotion into each line.(...) The sound is progressive(...)making for a wondrous listen. Firmly rooted in the creative, improvisational dimension.


                                                                  "All About Vocals" by Robert S. Horn 12/7th 2018


"Sensuous interpretation."  "Her vocalizing is strong and expressive."

The release of "U-PHORIA", which should result in Cecil McBee getting more recognition for his composing, is a superior showcase for Verena McBee’s musical talents.

It is recommended to listeners who enjoy hearing adventurous jazz singers.

                                                                                   Scott Yanow,
                                                                           Jazz Journalist / Historian, 3/3/2018