In my vocal lessons, I'll be working on the following aspects to help the student to become a confident performer, who enjoys, what she/he has to present:

  • Instructions in proper breathing and tone production
  • Phrasing
  • Reading & writing Music
  • Theory and harmony
  • Story-telling
  • Singing in different feels/meters
  • Instructions in improvisation/scat
  • Creating a repertoire
  • Creating a good chart
  • Working with the band
  • Creating a powerful & entertaining set of music for performances
  • Arranging
  • Stage presentation

"I pay thorough attention to tone quality to provide ease for the singer to express her-or himself. 
I also teach harmony and theory to instruct the student to improvise and scat.
I do play the piano and am able to guide the student to different approaches in tempo, meter and feel, such as Latin, Blues, Swing, Ballad.  
A special skill is my years of stage acting experience which has helped me a lot with my stage presentation and storytelling, which so important for a vocalist !

I like to see my students improve and grow and enjoying singing as much as I do. 
It brings joy to me to share, what I've learned over the years in terms of vocal technique & expression through song/music and overall stage performance."

1 Hour: $ 60,-