From the recording U-Phoria

Music: Cecil McBee
Lyrics: Verena McBee

Vocals - Verena McBee
Tenor Sax - Christian Contreras
Violin - Gabe Dowdy-Terracciano
Piano - Billy Test
Bass - Zwelakhe Duma Bell LePere
Drums - Jon Di Fiore



Daylight's almost gone
And here I am alone,
Wishing you would be here now.
Although you're gone
I'm close to you,
Close to you alone.

Say 'I'm your's !' once more
Tender as before.
That silence here makes me sad.
I give my whole heart,
Know that I'm loved,
Close to you alone.

My life has truly changed,
Since you have touched my heart.
How rare - but not strange !
When two people love,
They know that love is all we have.
Who have I been, before we met ?
Myself has been only half.
Now, that you're with me
I wanna be
Close to you alone.