From the recording U-Phoria

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Music: Cecil McBee
Lyrics: Verena McBee

Vocals - Verena McBee
Tenor Sax - Christian Contreras
Violin - Gabe Dowdy-Terracciano
Piano - Billy Test
Bass - Zwelakhe Duma Bell LePere
Drums - Jon Di Fiore



Finally, time has come.
To jump up ! Don’t forget - Cat !
To jump up, ‘cause
Righteousness has come to point of conclusion!
Don’t hide your fat – Cat !
Life’s twisted. But -
Non-one ever tricks a cat,
That’s out(ta) the bag !
Oh, Happy cat !

Go, Catch as much fun,
Run, as you won some.
Game’s over !
Kitten-gloves are the past!

That “Cat-and-Mouse-Game”
Gained some fame.
Who won it ?
Who’s to blame ? - Cat !
It’s your gain,
Blames’ not on your set.
Cat ! Yes, I pull my old hat –
Wait ! - - - and don’t forget:
Never underestimate
Life won’t evade you playmate.
Play your mate !
You got the licks – GO !
Happy cat is outta the bag - NOW !