1. LadyBuGG

From the recording U-Phoria

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Music: Cecil McBee
Lyrics: Verena McBee

Vocals - Verena McBee
Tenor Sax - Christian Contreras
Violin - Gabe Dowdy-Terracciano
Piano - Billy Test
Bass - Zwelakhe Duma Bell LePere
Drums - Jon Di Fiore



Don’t you dare to play
with the dots on my wings,
we don’t come without strings
attached to you !
Wanna be your one and only
Ladylike Ladybug.

I am wearing red,
just to hopefully get
your attention and love.
Don’t mess with that !
Stop !
You stop playing with my heart !

I am aware, ‘though my fire’s burning,
daring to melt my heart.
No-one can see, what’s concerning me
since the start.
Regards to you, high-flying friend –
Take off your hands off my heart !
If you don’t mean to meet
Ladybug’s Love.

Don’t you dare to stare down
I am aware, that I am flying high,
Since I’ve spread my wings
to touch the sky –
Here’s my reply:
Regards to you, high-flying friend.
Take off your hands, off my heart,
if you don’t mean to meet
Ladybug’s Love !