1. Song of Her

From the recording U-Phoria

Music: Cecil McBee
Lyrics: Verena McBee

Vocals - Verena McBee
Soprano Sax - Christian Contreras
Piano - Billy Test
Bass - Zwelakhe Duma Bell LePere
Drums - Jon Di Fiore



Can’t tell how long –
How right or wrong -
I just recall his smile –
Since a while.

A sunbeam’s trace,
Lost on his face,
His face, that stayed in my life,
All the time since then.

I think of the things he said.
The joy – and the
Beautiful afternoons
‘Til midnight’s
Throughout sunrise
Walking home ...
Walking home ...
Walking home.

Don’t know why
each thought still brings such joy.
But no thought of him
ever taught me - who he was.